Testbed of ideas

This blog is my testbed of new ideas and thinking for the future. In a way, writing for it represents a merger and a natural extension of my two careers: business and environment. But it’s also a lot more than that…

You see, I have reached a point when my primary concern in life is not my own ego or even my own well-being. Rather, it’s the well-being of my children. Not from a materialistic point of view, but from an idealistic one.

I want my children to live in a world where everybody is free to pursue their own dreams and passions; a world where the only thing people need to worry about is fulfilling their own potential and contributing to making the world an ever-better place. Miroslav Chodak

That, in short, is what chodak.com is about: creating a better future for our children.

I am so serious about this that I am currently dedicating all of my productive time and energy to this cause despite the fact that—as I am writing this—I have zero income to my name and zero savings.

How did I get to this point?

You can call it a midlife crisis. What happened was, I woke up one day in the late 2012 with a distinct feeling of “I had enough.” By then, I was almost 10 years into running an internet business where my only goal was to make money. Over the years, the original egotistic and megalomaniacal goal of “becoming the richest man on the planet and building the biggest business the world has ever seen” slowly but surely gave way to a more modest “pay my family bills and repay my debts.” It also became a rat race.

At 43 years of age, for the first time in my life, I felt brunt out. Worse still, I felt like I had accomplished nothing until then. I had left a promising career in international environmental policy-making and jumped in with both feet into internet marketing. I built considerable knowledge in that field, a business that supplied me and my family with much needed source of income, and I’m still being sought after for my expertise in search engine optimization, traffic building and, generally, internet marketing.

But, being always vision-driven, I suddenly found myself without a clear purpose and unable to answer the most basic question. Why am I doing this? I didn’t know.

I always wanted to make a dent in the universe. I still do. But, I’ve lost my direction and I desperately needed to find a new one. I could no longer go on without knowing where I was heading and why.

So, I closed my business and began to think hard about what I should “sink my teeth” into next. I went for training. I took counsel. I explored new fields and ways of thinking. It took me a year and I still couldn’t say that I knew for sure what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life.

Biggest realization

During that one year, one thing became crystal clear to me:

My biggest contribution to this world are my 3 children. Miroslav Chodak

The reason is simple: they have the potential to contribute to this world way more than I will ever be able to. All I need to do is allow them to. For me, that means two things:

  1. Give them a childhood where they can grow up with as few preconceptions and limitations that we adults have accumulated during our childhood and over the years, as possible.
  2. Use my talents and strengths to help create the kind of world where my children will be able to freely expand their horizons and live their lives to the fullest.

Kids are extremely adept at emulating and assimilating behaviors, habits, opinions and worldviews of other people, especially adults. If we’re not careful, we unknowingly install our preconceptions and limitation in our kids. Consequently, we end up creating copies of our selves in our children (almost like Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films) and our preconceptions and limitations will then become obstacles in our children’s lives (just as they are obstacles in our own).

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that we pay very close attention to (1) how we behave in front our kids and interact with them, and (2) what kind of environment they grow up in.

I am very lucky to have my wife help me be the best father I can be (with varying degrees of success) and I enlist her counsel frequently in these matters.

But, this blog is not about parenting.

Helping to create the future

This blog is about helping to create the future—the type of environment that is kind to our children. And, by environment I don’t mean just the nature. I also mean the society and the economy. Because, for things to work in the long run, all three—nature, society and economy—need to be in perfect balance.