• Save the Planet and Prevent the Collapse of Civilization when Governments Can’t and Businesses Won’t

    By Miroslav Chodak

    Summary: Our civilization stands at a critical crossroads. To avoid collapse and ensure a thriving future for our children, we must find a way to satisfy our needs and wants within the planetary limits. The only way to achieve this is by shifting non-essential consumption to virtual alternatives. If we succeed, by 2050, we could be living in a society where everything is abundant and free.

    The Dangerous Path

    The path we are currently on is utterly unsustainable. We’re facing a number of serious issues. Some can end us directly. Others can trigger a domino effect, from which there is no coming back. Ironically, all these issues are of our own doing and we seem to be determined to make them progressively worse with our (in)actions.


    • Wars and conflicts
    • Inequality
    • Hunger
    • Poverty
    • Polarization


    • End of globalization
    • Aging population
    • Shrinking workforce
    • National debt
    • AI and automation


    • Climate change
    • Loss of biodiversity
    • Environmental destruction
    • Pollution
    • Consumerism

    The Sad Truth

    Despite the pressing need for change, key stakeholders are holding onto the status quo. All efforts thus far have proven inadequate.

    The Impossible Task

    A lasting solution must find a way to satisfy all needs of all people.

    1. Why we must find a way to give everybody everything they want

    The Only Way

    Accomplishing this within planetary limits requires shifting non-essential consumption to virtual alternatives.

    1. Why going virtual is the (only) solution for humanity

    Making it Happen

    I propose a plan that can achieve sustainable consumption for most by 2035, and meet everybody’s needs and wants free of charge by 2050.

    1. The step-by-step plan to a happy life for all