• How to Save the Planet and Prevent the Collapse of Civilization when Governments Can’t and Businesses Won’t

    By Miroslav Chodak


    Our civilization is rapidly approaching several tipping points. Despite the pressing need for change, key stakeholders are holding onto the status quo. All efforts thus far have proven inadequate. I argue that any lasting solution must find a way to satisfy all needs of all people. But accomplishing this within planetary limits requires shifting non-essential consumption to virtual alternatives. I propose a plan that can achieve sustainable consumption for most by 2035, and meet everybody’s needs and wants free of charge by 2050.

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    1. What are the critical tipping points
    2. Why key stakeholders are not going to help
    3. Why we must find a way to give everybody everything they want
    4. Why going virtual is the (only) solution for humanity
    5. The step-by-step plan to a happy life for all