• Why we cannot rely on governments to do much about any of the really important issues

    The primary objective of elected governments is to get re-elected. This makes it impossible for them to prioritize issues which require significant efforts and take years to show results.

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    Our governments are not really interested in tackling big problems, because they have nothing to gain from it.

    Every government’s first priority is to get re-elected. This is true for all sides of the political spectrum without exception: conservatives, liberals, socialists, populists, nationalists, etc.

    When you have only a few years until your next election, you will naturally prioritize actions that will make you look your best at the end of those few years.

    To do anything else would be akin to commiting a political suicide.

    Unfortunately, the really important problems often require significant efforts to fix and it could take many years before we will see any results.

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