• Why we must find a way to give everybody everything they need or desire

    We either do this or we will eventually kill each other.

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    1. Everybody has the right to life, freedom and happiness

    These are basic human rights. Everybody has them.

    They basically mean that, as long as you don’t infringe on other people’s rights, you can do whatever you want and nobody can stop you.

    You will find these rights enacted in international law1 and constitutions of most countries in the world.

    They are also dictated by common human decency.

    2. Technological progress has done wonders for us

    Technological progress has revolutionized human civilization, transforming our understanding of the world, our ability to interact with it, and our very existence. The positive contributions of technology are undeniable, including in the following areas:

    • Healthcare: Medical innovations have led to a decline in child mortality rates and substantial improvements in life expectancy. Breakthroughs in medical research, diagnostic tools, and treatment options have not only saved countless lives but have also enhanced the overall well-being of communities worldwide.
    • Agriculture: Technological advancements in agriculture have revolutionized food production. Improved crop yields, precision farming techniques, and the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have played crucial roles in addressing global hunger and ensuring food security.
    • Poverty reduction: Automation and advanced manufacturing processes have led to increased productivity, creating job opportunities and raising living standards. The rise of technology-driven entrepreneurial ventures contributes to the economic upliftment of communities and fosters a more inclusive global economy.
    • Basic services: Access to essential resources, such as energy, electricity, sanitation, and clean water, has been drastically transformed by technological progress. Innovations in energy production, the electrification of remote areas, and advancements in water purification technologies have positively impacted the lives of billions, particularly in developing regions, where these resources were once scarce.
    • Global connectivity: Transportation, telecommunication, and the internet have played instrumental roles in fostering global collaboration. The ability to connect with people worldwide has facilitated the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise. The advent of the internet has allowed us to tackle global challenges collectively, transcending geographical boundaries and enabling collaborative efforts in research, education, and problem-solving.

    3. But we still have a long way to go


    4. We are also starting to impact the conditions on Earth.

    5. Without swift action, we’re risking the collapse of civilization.

    6. Our governments and businesses won’t help.

    7. There are a number of prerequisites for success.

    2. Problem

    The current socioeconomic system got us this far, but it’s hitting its limits.

    Here are some of the issues and factors…


    3. What won’t work

    Governments and businesses are committed to maintaining the status quo and cannot be relied on for help.

    These won’t work…

    [business as usual]
    [great reset]

    4. Solution

    The only solution is to decouple economic growth from the consumption of resources.

    1. Satisfy basic needs in a sustainable way
    2. Move all other consumption to virtual (=equal energy consumption per capita)
    3. Plan

    Stage 1: identify/create product/service solutions

    Stage 2: sell at cost, outcompete others or force them to fall in line

    Stage 3: acquire sources of raw materials and automatize production, provide everything for free

    5. Benefits

    A. everybody gets B. everything, C. everywhere, D. for free.

    6. Take Action!



    1. United Nations. (n.d.). Universal Declaration of Human Rights | United Nations. https://www.un.org/en/about-us/universal-declaration-of-human-rights ↩︎

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