I Want to Design a Custom Marketing Blueprint for Your Business, FREE!

Dear Friend,

Automated systems that convert leads into sales predictably, consistently, and profitably are the dream of every business owner.

But, these types of systems:

  1. Are incredibly complex to build,
  2. Need to be carefully tailored for your specific business,
  3. Need to be constantly tested and tweaked to maximize performance.

There is no one-size-fits-all!

I will review your business and give you a custom marketing blueprint, completely for free.

Here’s why I’m doing this

The reason is simple:

I’m looking for 1-3 dream clients that I can personally work with one-on-one to help them double, triple, or maybe even quadruple their revenue and bring in massive windfalls over the next 12 months, or so.

But rather than try to convince you of how great that would be, I figured I’d just demonstrate that I can help you by …actually helping you.

For free.

Here’s how it will work

First, I will personally review your business, your offer, and your current sales process (or your plans for selling a future offer). based on the information you provide.

Next, I will prepare a list of marketing and business-building approaches, which I believe would work well for your business.

Finally, we will schedule a 45-90 minute phone call, during which you and I will go over each specific strategy and approach to make sure they fit your preferences and your business.

By the time we’re done, you will have…

A custom “Blueprint” of a complete series of integrated marketing campaigns, specifically tailored to Your business.

Why would I offer it?

Two reasons:

First, I enjoy it. This type of thing is what I do best, and it makes me very happy to see businesses I believe in and business owners I like achieve financial  success (and all that comes with it) as a result of the help I give them.

Second, it’s how I attract consulting clients.

Here’s how that works:

Assuming you’re happy with the blueprint, you’ll likely want to continue working together long term so I can help you implement it.

If this is the case, I might invite you to become a consulting client.

My fee is $970 a month …but if you think about it, it really doesn’t cost you anything.


Because I expect to make you much more than $970 in the first month …and if we keep working together, I’m confident I can double your entire business over the next 12 months …at minimum.

And, if you don’t want to become a client, no problem. I will respect your decision and you will never hear from me again.

As you can imagine, this offer gets a LOT of interest from business owners.

And that’s why I need you to read this next part carefully:

This is NOT for everybody.
Here’s who I CAN help:

I’m VERY picky about who I’ll speak with and I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Here it is:

1. You can’t sell “get rich quick” products, porn, or any other “shady” stuff that I don’t want to associate with.

Nor will I work with anyone who shares customer data with high pressure “phone rooms” to sell overpriced “coaching” programs, opportunities, or anything similar. I only work with “clean” businesses and refuse to help anyone that harms consumers in any way.

2. You’ve got to actually have a business.

This offer isn’t for beginners. It is for people who are up and running already and simply want to run a lot faster and a lot farther. This means that you’re getting consistent traffic and making sales already. You’re running ads, you’re promoting, and you’re selling stuff. You don’t have to be “everywhere” or “huge” …you just need to be PRESENT in your market.

3. You MUST be willing to follow directions.

After all, if you don’t actually implement the stuff I give you, neither one of us will make money.

That’s it! Those are my requirements.

Here’s what I want you to do next

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to me about getting you incredible results, then I’ll happily set aside time for you.

Here’s how the process works:

First, you’ll need to fill in an application. I need to know what you’re selling, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth.

I’m also going to ask for a deposit of $100, which tells me you are serious about your success. Don’t worry, I’ll give it back right after we hang up. I just use it to keep tire-kickers and freeloaders out.

Here’s what will happen after that

Once I have your application and your deposit, I will email you to set up a time for us to talk.

Our initial call will be between 45 and 90 minutes and will take place over Skype.

This is where we really begin going over exactly what you need …and how to make it happen.

I’ll painstakingly review your goals, your offers, and so forth …and I’ll deliver a customized blueprint for growing your business.

If you see the value in becoming high-level client, great! We can talk about it.

If not, that’s OK too.

I’ll return your deposit as soon as we hang up.

Warning: time is a factor

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people.

Also, you should realize there’s a very large demand for personal one-on-one help from me, and what I’m offering to you is unprecedented.

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long and that I cannot guarantee you a spot.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, leave your application and let’s talk.

Talk soon,
Miroslav Chodak

P.S. You might be wondering what you “get” as a client.

The main “thing” you get is me. Personally.

During our first phone call, I’ll give you a blueprint specifically tailored for growing your business. I’ll also give you steps to take immediately for fast results.

You get that first call for free regardless of whether or not you become a client.

Now, if you DO become a client, we’re going to immediately schedule a follow up call.

On that follow up call, we’re going to come up with two things:

  • A short-term cash flow goal.
  • A long term income/lifestyle/business model goal.

And on that call, I’ll be giving you specific action steps to start hitting both goals.

From that point forward, we will work together as follows:

1. We’ll speak every 1-2 weeks on Skype, monitoring your progress and tweaking where needed. This is one-on-one (not “group coaching” or anything like that), just me and you focused on one thing: growing your business.

2. We’ll stay in constant communication by email. This way, I can help you keep the momentum going. I also use it to give you additional advice, review your sales funnel, landing pages, videos, etc.

You should know that the reason I’m able to do this and get you the results you want is because I only work with a small handful of clients at a time (usually, less than 10 people).

As much as I’d like to work with everyone, I simply can’t accept more than that and still maintain the same level of service you need in order to get the results you want.

So, this is a genuinely rare opportunity.

If you feel it’s right for you, click here, leave your application and let’s talk. Conversations are granted on a first come, first-served basis.