Upgrade cPanel & WHM

A step-by-step procedure on how to upgrade cPanel and WHM to the latest version.


This procedure requires the following:

  • WHM access.



Login to the webhosting account.

Note: This procedure is for Bluehost. While other web hosts could have a different user interface, the actual steps will likely be the same or similar.


Navigate to Hosting > Performance > Access Management.

Location of Access Management in Bluehost.

Click Password Generator.

Location of the Password Generator button.

Highlight the password and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl+C). Click Paste.

Location of the password in Password Generator.

Click Update.

Location of the Update button.

Open a new browser tab (Ctrl+T) and login to the WHM account with the username root and the password ********** you just generated (Ctrl+V). Click Login.

The WHM login page.

Scroll to the bottom of the Feature Showcase page and click Exit to WHM.

Location of the Exit to WHM link.

In the left navigation bar, scroll to the cPanel section and click Upgrade to Latest Version.

8.a To immediately upgrade to the currently selected release tier, click the Click to Upgrade button. Skip to this step >

Location of the Click to Upgrade button.

8.b To review/change the release tier, Click Update Settings.

Location of the Update Settings link.

Select the tier you want to be upgrading to. Click Save at the bottom.

Location of available version.

To upgrade immediately, click here in the green notice. Then, click Click to Update button.

Location of the link for immediate upgrade.

Wait for the upgrade to finish.

Note: Please be patient! It may take several minutes for the cPanel to upgrade. Also, once upgraded, the browser window might close on its own, so don’t be surprised! Simply login to WHM again in order to complete the upgrade.


Revision history


2020/03/09 – First version released.

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